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Severe Malnutrition
This products corresponds to WHO recommendations for the management of severe malnutrition : Management of severe malnutrition: a manual for physicians and other senior health workers (Geneva World Health Organization 1999).

Plumpy Nut® 

Plumpy Nut®is recently developed, highly nutritious peanut butter spread that comes in a packet size of a juice pack.

Developed by the French firm Nutriset, Plumpy Nut® is fast becoming the food of choice among thousands of malnourished young children in war-torn and famine affected areas. It has gained wide acceptance particularly in Africa such as Sudan (Darfur), Ethiopia, Somali, and Democratic Republic of Congo etc.

The major advantage of Plumpy Nut® is that it requires no mixing and puts mothers more in charge of feeding their malnourished children in their communities rather than forcing them always to take to a health facility or therapeutic feeding centers for assistance.

This ready to eat food is a paste, packaged in foil packets, with a two-year shelf life and there is no need to add water or refrigerate - just cut the foil and suck the paste which is fortified with milk, vitamins and minerals for a 500 Kilo Calories powerhouse per packet.

Plumpy Nut® is in demand in areas of where moderate to severe malnutrition prevails and rapid re-nutrition or supplementary feeding is required. The product is administered in most cases twice daily in combination with other supplementary foods relief and MCH programs.

The major alternative product to address malnutrition has often been powdered milk formulas called F-75 and F-100. These have to be prepared hygienically with clean water and once prepared must be chilled to prevent spoilage. This entails their being distributed in medically staffed feeding satiations. Plumpy Nut® costs about the same as the milk powder but is easier to transport in bulk and takes up less space.

Factors that spur the demand for Plumpy Nut® vis-à-vis alternative products are:

Plumpy Nut® requires no preparation and can be used without prior dilution which avoids any risk of bacteriological contamination.

It can be eaten by a child on his/her own without having helped by his/own mother or by the staff of the feeding center.

It makes logistic easier with an optimal weight/ volume ratio.

It requires no energy to cook or boil which saves money and energy.

Being ready to eat food, it protects mothers and children from smoke related ailment such as respiratory, eye and other ailments.

It makes home treatment possible, under the supervision of the feeding center.

The need to wash hand frequently whenever preparing and feeding is avoided which in turn would save water and contamination as result of poor personal hygiene.

These characteristics make it possible to decrease management costs by a decrease in hospital or feeding center stays and a decrease in the number of people necessary for the preparation and distribution of meals.

Administration of Plumpy’ Nut®
(Source: - Nutriset Plumpy’ Nut® updated February 2006)


Severe Acute Malnutrition

Quantities Recommended

Plumpy nut

Use in feeding center

use in home/ ambulatory treatment

200kcal/kg/dayfor 2-3 weeks

i.e. 2 sachets /day/for 5 kg child

Reference for recommendation

WHO 1999 " Management of sever Malnutrition , in accordance with the WHO protocol recommendations for F-100 therapeutic milk

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