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Moderate Malnutrition  

Future products  Plumpy' Doz® -

Plumpy' Doz® is Ready to Use supplementary Food (RUSF). In terms of ingredients, it is similar to Plumpy Nut® but packed in 46 grams of 250 k/cal for feeding in smaller amounts per day. Its’ micronutrient content is adjusted because of the small amount consumption. It is meant for blanket distribution in food insecure areas or lean seasons to protect children against illness and weight loss and promote growth and development. It is preferentially given to young children aged 6-23 or 6-35 and because of the limited daily feeding it is considered as food supplement to be added to the normal diet of children.

Nutri Butter®

It is a food supplement prepared for young children aged 6-11, 6-17 or 6-23 months whose diet have few animal-source and/or fortified foods. This is a product for home fortification of a young children diet, similar to micronutrient powder but containing additional essential micronutrients. It is prepared for a blanket distribution and has a preventive purpose.

Main characteristics

The product NutriButter® may be eaten as such but it also can be mixed with traditional complementary foods

It does not to be mixed with water

NutriButter® is no substitute to a balanced diet.

Supplementary plumpy®

Supplementary plumpy® is a product developed by Nutriset, France for children with moderate acute malnutrition It is packed in pouched of 96 gm providing 500 kcal.. In addition to continuing breast feeding and consumption of other food and irrespective of age one sachet is to be consumed per day .The only difference from Plumpy Nut® is, that full -fat milk powder has been replaced by whey protein originating from milk and soy protein isolates and it contains less potassium. . Its nutritional quality is superior to that of FBF and is more effective for treating moderate acute malnutrition.

See our other products: Severe Malnutrition - Iodized Salt - Peanut Butter - Peanut Splits