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HILINA was established in 1998 to undertake the manufacturing and processing of a range of food products specifically designed to combat the various forms of malnutrition and other micronutrient deficiencies affecting children and other vulnerable groups in Ethiopia. When it was initially established, the centre produced Vitamin A enriched sugar as well as iodized salt for UN agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the general public.

Today, HILINA has experienced significant growth in terms of both size and capital and has continued to install modern machinery and other equipments. HILINA recently established an on-site food laboratory and has transformed itself into a state of the art and comprehensive food production facility. Recently, HILINA has been upgraded to specialize in the production of other nutritious and therapeutic foods for children to address the significant gap in the national food production system.

The Amharic name for Plumpy’ nut is "Nefis Aden," which literally means "life savor." While some might regard this as an exaggeration, those who have witnessed the beneficial effects of Plumpy’ nut will attest that it is very much a reality. Plumpy’ nut is working wonders for severely malnourished children throughout Ethiopia as it is a magic formula and one that we at HILINA are proud to promote. In addition to standing guard for the children of Ethiopia, the fact that 70% of the raw materials required for the production of Plumpy nut are produced locally translates into many positive spin-off effects for the local economy